France & Italy Shore The Mediterranean Sea
Near the border of France & Italy on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Lies a tiny little kingdom called the land in kingdom of Monaco many a small country town can br boast more inhabitants than his is the kingdom.

For there only about seven thousands of theme all told, and if all the we’re divide there would not be an acre for each inhabitants but in this toy kingdom there is the Mean is the real kinglet and he has a palace & courtiers and ministers anand a bishop and generals and an army

It is not a large army only 60 men in all but all still it is an army there are also tax is this kingdom as elsewhere a taxes on tobacco, and on wine and spirits and a poll taxes but thought the tobacco & wines, spirits and a poll tax but the people’s who drink & eat the tobacco & wine is the dangerous thinks that we not to eat & this things from the first of the day for the health

Smoke people’s do in others countries there are a saw people’s who agrred by this Prince would have been hard put to it do feed his country and official and keep

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