The Reason Noble Family Of Verona

The two Noble family’s of Verona. The capulets and the Montague’s were sworn enemie. The Romeo and Juliet belonged to rival familes old Lord capulets hosted a grand supper.

Through belonged to the familys of montages he attended in disguise to se there is sees Juliet on the dance floor & is fascinated by her beauty after the dance he learns that she is the daughter of lord capulets she feels attached to the man from the enemy familes the following verse express their implicit feeling for one another.

The phrase teach the torches to burn brights suggestions Juliet glow is bright than the light of the torches her beauty is capable of enabling the torches to burn brights her beauty surpasses the bright of light.

For the earth too dear suggest that the lady beauty is divine, rare & expensive.
The measure done connotes the complete of romeos admirations of January beauty & dance of organization by lord capulets. Glorification of juliets charms the line Did my heart love till now suggest romeo feel he was fallen in love with has been attracted before romeo feels this in true love.

The prase new snow suggest a love as pure as snow.

Description of remeo charms juliet discreet love for remeo what do you think the prase faces of heaven signifies whats the similes does romeo use to convence juliets beauty how according to julites would romeo be immortalished to the world.
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