If you have lemonade in your house, put it in this one thing, grow thousands of lemons

About lemon, almost all people know that lemon is easily available everywhere. Lemon is used for a lot of dishes. Lemon is also used in the soda to make it sour. Lemon is one thing that will be used at almost every home. You can also grow lemon plants at home rather than lime if you go shopping outside. A 14-inch Kundu must be used to grow lemon plants at home.

Now put clay and clay in it, put some dry leaves. The dry leaves should be crushed and put in the crater and it must be crushed. Now if you want to plant the plant then you need to have a place in the house where there is enough sunlight. Place this Kunda in the place where there is plenty of sun and sun shade in Phalia. Doing so will make your lemon very much fun.

It is very necessary to properly fertilize the sun and the shade as well. The fertilizer that is made of the bone of the animal should be given to the plants with too much phosphorous mono. Plants require enough calcium and adequate nutrition. If you talk about enough nutrition, then let me tell you that just as much fertilizer made from animals, you can also burn the banana bark of dried banana. There is also nutrition in them too. You can make this fertilizer manually at home.

You can also burn lecovate fertilizers as well. Now you will be questioning what the sake of this manure? You can also make this fertilizer at home. To make this fertilizer, make a mixture of Banana peel, lemon ketch, round and grated clay or compost. And let's throw this liquefied in the kunda. This plant will flower 2 to 3 times. And will grow in excessively lemon plants. This way you can grow lemons at home and use them.
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