Health equity is known as having no difference between people with respect to health. Health equity is equal for everyone. All have the opportunity to get a higher level of health status as he can get with his efforts. As seen by name it is described as equity that is every person should have the right to get a better health and wealth position in his life and live life happily. Health is a state of full physical and mental. Social well-being and not merely lack of disease or infirmity.

         Health equity is sometimes defined as the quality of health and healthcare across different populations. Health is a basic human right and human need that is interconnected to each other. Health equity refers to social status, how is society? and how are the people of any society? Health will also be a part of a safe society or city or country. 

Health is also a factor of wealth. A person having good health then is sure he will have better wealth. Wealth also comes to healthy people. It is not equity that will simply provide every individual with the same resources. In order to achieve health equity, resources must be allocated based on a principle of the need for individuals. Every person will get their health equity to achieve different things. He could get a higher level of health equity that can be obtained by the person if he will make enough effort to get that.


Health is a universal human desire and a basic human need. To get health equity we have to work in health care centers and increase the health position of people by helping them in health status.
Health is everything. If a person has good health then it would do anything in his life. To achieve a higher level of health we have moved forward to obtained health equity.


Education is the main factor to influence healthcare utilization and then it belongs to economic status.
Education of different health practices and experiments and knowledge about health equipment.
Education is also a significant factor in prenatal and maternal healthcare.  Education is necessary to get health equity. We should work in education knowledge gaining institutes for obtaining knowledge of health care.


If we want to achieve health equity the media is the best way to get health equity. With this you will be aware of all information about health care. That will help you to obtain a higher level of health equity in the country. Society will know that you have a better and higher level of health. You should have all the information about health which you will get after working in the media. Then you will be able to achieve health equity. You will save him/her life from any disease with your medical skills.


If a person has knowledge about justice according to law and legal information. Health equity wants that type of skill and learning for criminal justice to help them. Criminal justice needs a person who has the skill to solve the problem.
With this you will be able to increase the health level of those people. If he will get true judgment from you then you have saved their life in terms of health. You have increased their health level. This way you will get a high level of health equity by working in a criminal justice organization or institute.


Health equity belong to develop people with every field 
Because development is necessary for health and wealth also. We should work on it carefully. You have work on social development. People will be known to health how they will be healthy and live healthy for others. This type of social development will surely give health equity that will of a higher level. You should work on a different organization to get it

        Health Equity Status Report makes a valuable contribution to people in this field. Inequalities in these conditions lead to inequalities in health. All societies have social levels in which economic and social resources including prestige and power and which are distributed unequally. This distribution impacts on people’s freedom to lead lives and has a powerful impact on health and its distribution in society. The conditions in which people grow live, work and age have a powerful influence on health.

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