NFL News: Can Green Bay Packers Make Playoffs? 

The 2020 NFL season nears. Although it is still up in the air as to whether we’ll get a full season of football and the NFL will handle spectating, we should at least get a few good weeks of football before things have the potential to turn south. The ongoing politics of the COVID SARS-2 pandemic have turned our social lives upside down. Not only has it disrupted our being able to gather at events, but it’s messed with our ability to participate as well … ex., athletes not being able to play sports for an extended period. So, it remains to be seen if we’ll get a full season of football. That said, a vaccine could be the solution (whether or not you will take one, our favorite athletes likely will and it could keep them on the field.) So, let’s assume we get a full season of ball, what chance do the Packers have this season? At Bovada (here's the review) their Super Bowl Odds have fallen from +1600 before the draft to +2400 now. Adjustments We’re Not Made The biggest concerns surrounding the GB Packers were the offseason moves … or lack thereof. Aaron Rodgers, perhaps still one of the most talented athletes in the league has been begging for more targets for a couple of years now. In two offseasons, instead of giving him targets, Green Bay top brass has done everything else, including draft a top-round QB. Doing so when they were so close last season, seems counterproductive, literally the only thing that kept them from beating the 49ers in the end was the fact that they didn’t have enough down-field weapons. So, are the Packers a Super Bowl team in 2020? No. But they could have been with a couple more pairs of reliable, sticky hands. Are the Packers a playoff team? Yes. but it won’t be a walk in the park. The Minnesota Vikings will be good again this year and the Packers open their schedule with a road game to Minneapolis. Then in their home-opener, they host the Division-Rival Detroit Lions.Odds Aren’t Everything Now on the flip-side. Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers. And on top of that, it’s his second season under Matt LeFleur’s new offensive scheme. So, they could be better this season than last season even though the pieces on the board haven’t really improved. When we look at the schedule, both times the Packers face the Minnesota Vikings is in the first half of the season. They’ll get an early bye in Week 5 right before facing terrible Tom and Gronk in Tampa Bay. But where we’ll really see who the 2020 Green Bay Packers are is in the three week stretch from Week 7 through Week 9 when they face the Texans on the road, the Vikings at home and the 49ers on the road. It seems a little unfair that in three of the last three meetings with the 49ers, the packers have had to travel to Levi Stadium. But, hey … such is life. How well the Packers play in this game could set the tone for the rest of the schedule. Afterwards, they get a struggling Jaguars squad and then a so-so Colts team before facing the Bears in Lambea in Week 12. They also get Chicago to close out the season. The Bears are an enigma at this point. They could be really bad again, or they could turn out to be pretty good with BDN Foles under center. Before the final game, they host the Titans, who will present a challenge, but have the Lions and Panthers back to back in weeks 14 and 15, which although are not auto-victories, should go down in the books as Ws. Speaking of wins, most books in Vegas have the Packers listed with a season wins total of OVER/UNDER 9.5 wins. This number points to a high probability of a 10-win season. When we compare that against the Bears total of 8, the Vikings total of 9 and the Lions total of 6.5, the Packer are at the top of the list to win the NFC North and make another run into the playoffs

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